Christ Statue Park, Yucca Valley, CA

Back in the 50s, the Christ Statue Park was created by sculptor Antone Martin.

This hillside park is adjacent to a church with 35+ statues of Biblical figures… some recreating events from the Bible. The statuary also shows various apostles and/or others in what appears to be discussions or taking time to contemplate. There are even 1 or 2 figures that are lying down… maybe they are resting or maybe they are just enjoying the sun on their alabaster skin. All sculptures appear to be placed facing away from the sun… with the exception of Jesus who always seems to face Yucca Valley. Unfortunately, a 7.3 earthquake back in 1992, damaged some of the sculptures… removing heads and hands… rebar sticks out bare as if someone took the sculptures skin off.

Martin also built a large wall with the Last Supper in bas relief. (You can go behind the wall and place your head in the window next to Jesus… it’s ok… the wall was built for this!)

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